Synergy - TechFest

Synergy - Invente

“Self-belief and hard work always yield success”, such a successful event is our Techfest Synergy conducted every year for stimulating innovative thinking.

“Invente” – The national wide Symposium, famous among the engineering colleges all over India, conducted by the top-ranking college “SSN College of Engineering”. The department of chemical engineering baptizes this TechFest as “Synergy”. Every year the department of chemical engineering comes up with exciting creative themes and events which make this fest a learnable and enjoyable one.

To get more information, visit the invente website. Also visit out instagram page to be the first one to get updates.

Synergy Theme

For the year 2021, to induce nostalgia along with creative thinking, synergy with the theme “cartoons” will be a trip down the memory lane. This fest will have various technical, semi-technical and non-technical events.

Synergy - Events

  • Oral presentation
  • The Riddler’s Picture Show (Chem Connexions)
  • Black sheep (Odd One Out)
  • PoCHEMon, gotta quiz ‘em all! (Quiz)
  • Kid vs. Kat (Debate)
  • The Chosen One (Shipwreck)
  • Shutter up (Photography contest)
  • Memer Bros (Meme contest)
  • Talent Hunt (One Minute Video contest)